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10 Beautiful Rustic Closets

Who doesn’t love a rustic closet? Take a look at these beautiful and unique closets!

1. Rustic Closet with Beams

rustic closet w beams

This closet has wood shelving, wood walls and wood ceiling.  The wood shelving and  stone floor provide just the right amount of contrast and compliment each other nicely.  Found here.

2. See Through Cabinet Doors

rustic closet see through shelves

The cabinets in this rustic closet are beautiful.  The rough sawn wood floors compliment the shelving nicely, while the simple, yet beautiful hardware adds the finishing touch. T  Found here.

3. Stained Wood Rustic Closet

rustic closet with mirror


The stained wood of this closet is gorgeous!  Excellent shoe storage and notice the beautiful wood backing of the shelf on the far right.  Found here.

4. Bear Lake Rustic Closet

small rustic closet

We saw this beauty and many more like it at the Bear Lake home show.  The strained wood is incredibly interesting.  It has sharp tones and at highly varied pattern.  The orange knots really stand out.

5. Barn Wood

barn wood rustic closet

The barn wood on the wall at the end of this closet really highlights the closet shelving.  The closets pop with color and expression.  Found here.

6. Rustic Closet in a Contemporary Room

contemporary room rustic closet

This rustic closet is snuggled in a contemporary room.  We especially like the baseboards as stained wood which matches the closet shelving.  The bench is so inviting!  Found here.

7. Strong Grained Wood

rustic closet w amazing shoe rack

The wood in this closet is very strong.  The pattern very bold.  The ceiling and alternate walls tone down the pattern some.  The wood floor is a nice complement to the bold shelving.  We especially like the massive amount of shoe storage.  Found here.

8. The Millionaire

rustic closet with led lighting

Only a millionaire could afford this closet.  Ample shoe storage, LED lighting, leather chair with ottoman and ladder.  If only we all could have a closet like this!  Found here.

9. Modern and Rustic Closet

rustic closet with metal supports

Modern rustic closet?  It’s an oxymoron that works.  The metal supports are beautiful and help highlight the wood shelves.  Rather minimalist in design, yet provides tons of storage.  Found here.

10. Tons of Wood, Tons of Storage

rustic closet w chandeliers

This closet is huge.  Wood adorns the entire closet.  Ample shelving for your entire family and neighbors!  The wood is stained beautifully and the closet lighting highlights this organizational achievement.  Found here.

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