Hello!  Wondering who I am?  Well, I wear a lot of hats – I am a wife, mother, sister, friend and employee who happens to have a passion for making closets, and other storage spaces, a little more organized!  If there is one thing that drives me crazy – it is wasted or unusable closet space (who designs these things anyway?).

I am constantly coming up with ways to make the closets and storage areas in our house more useful.  Sometimes it is as simple as re-organizing, or adding more shelves or bars.  Sometimes it is adding a new closet to better utilize wasted space in a hallway.  I am not an expert, and my house isn’t perfect – but I love it when I find that perfect fix that works for us – that “aha moment” when you realize how easy it really is to keep this one thing organized.

It’s all about progress!  A place for everything, and everything in it’s place – that makes life beautiful!


closetgirl at antelope island