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Book Review: Simplify

Thinking about minimalism, but scared to part with all of your possessions?  Joshua Becker shares a realistic strategy in his book Simplify for becoming what he refers to as a ‘rational minimalist’.

In this book Joshua shares the insight he and his family have gained as they ventured into the world of minimalism.  After briefly sharing their story, he breaks the process down into 7 principles.

  1.  Be Convinced
  2. Make It Work For You
  3. Jump Right In
  4. Stop The Trend
  5. Persevere
  6. Share The Joy
  7. Simplify Everywhere

This book is easy to read, and filled with useful tips and insights.  I have tried to decide which is my favorite chapter, but the truth is I love them all!  Each chapter held valuable information and tips.  Chapter one lists the benefits of the lifestyle, and they are hard to disagree with.  I instantly liked chapter two because it talks about being a rational minimalist and doing what works for you and your family.  I especially liked the idea of intentionally promoting things you value and removing things that distract from your values.

Chapter three shares the order in which they decluttered their home.  He shares useful tips for each area.  Chapter 4 discusses that possessions do not equal joy despite what retailers would have us believe.  Chapter 5 is all about winning at the game of minimalism – how to identify your problem areas and what to do about them.  Chapter 6 is about sharing the joy.  Here he shares two success stories from his website readers.  (You can check out his blog at  Finally, Chapter 7 discusses other ways to simplify your life.

This was an easy and enjoyable read that left me thinking ‘I can do this’ and led me to begin the processing of giving away items I store but don’t use.  It was a relief to hear that the authors journey was a two year journey – not an overnight change.  Somehow this makes the process seem a little less scary when you consider it will be a gradual lifestyle change.  I would recommend this book to anyone considering becoming a minimalist. 5 stars!



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