Closet makeover ideas below!  We want to eradicate the one bar closet once and for all…

Quick and Easy Way to Light Up a Dark Closet


We recently renovated our daughter’s closet. After the renovation, we noticed half the closet was very dark and no light or electrical outlets existed to make it better. So, we searched for quick and easy ways to light up her closet. We decided we were not going to run any new wiring, so that left […]

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Ingenious Use of Space


Check this new closet idea out!  As we were touring the homes at the Bear Lake home show, we came upon a fantastic use of wall space. Instead of letting space between walls go to waste, they built drawers into the walls. Check this out: As you can see, these drawers are built right into […]

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My Favorite Closet Storage Idea

doors open

We decided we needed an idea to create more storage.  To accomplish this, we turned a odd hallway section into an organized pantry. When we purchased our home several years ago, the basement was already finished.  It had been finished with an odd space at the bottom of the stairs that we could never quite […]

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Closet Makeover Number One

Closet Makeover Featured Image

Another one bar closet bites the dust! We decided it was time to makeover our daughter’s closet.  She was plagued by a very unfriendly one bar closet. We went from the below 1 bar tragedy, to the new wonderbar (multi-bar) closet!  It more efficiently utilizes the closet space and the shelves in the middle provide […]

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Made over your own closet? Please share it with us!