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Live the Rich Life!

Are you unsatisfied with life? Does the daily race of life run you ragged and leave you exhausted as you stumble in the door to eat, sleep and repeat? If so, maybe it is time to re-evaluate.
I just watched an amazing video called ‘A Rich Life With Less Stuff’. The two minimalists, Ryan and Josh, learned that there is more to life than working 40+ hours a week to earn money to buy stuff you won’t use. They thought they were living the American Dream but have since learned that the dream comes at the expense of time, relationships, personal growth, and the ability to make a positive contribution. They refer to time, relationships, growth and contribution as “what remains” once you have removed all the things from your life you don’t need.

Intrigued? Watch the video below and learn about the packing party that led Ryan to sell or donate 80% of his possessions 21 days later. Listen as he explains how much more enjoyable his life has become since he has come to the realization that less is more.

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