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Quick and Easy Way to Light Up a Dark Closet


We recently renovated our daughter’s closet. After the renovation, we noticed half the closet was very dark and no light or electrical outlets existed to make it better. So, we searched for quick and easy ways to light up her closet. We decided we were not going to run any new wiring, so that left battery powered options. We wanted a light that was bright, motion activated and small. We settled on Lofter Portable 20 LED light.

Here is what it looks like unboxed:


There are essentially three quick steps:

  1.  Mount the brackets
  2.  Install batteries
  3.  Snap light housing into brackets

However, there is one major problem with step #1.  The screws are entirely too small to mount into anything except wood.  They do not provide screws (and drywall anchors) suitable for drywall installations.  Correspondingly, the brackets they provide have holes which are tiny and only meant for very tiny screws:


So, what to do?  We decided to use 3Ms hanging strips to adhere the brackets to the wall:


We cut the strips and applied them to the brackets:


We then stuck the light on to the ceiling:


Easy!  The motion sensor works well.  Just as you get close, it turns on.  After 30 seconds, it turns off.  Also, if there is already plenty of light in the room, it doesn’t turn on.  The only downside to this product (aside from the terrible mounting hardware) is this light takes a whopping 6 AAA batteries!


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